You Are Not Alone

Just about every business in every industry reaches a point where it needs outside money to make the cash-flow work. Some don’t need that until it really starts to grow, and others need it almost from Day One!

There are as many reasons for why the money is needed as there are businesses. Often, it is because existing customers are paying slowly, but just as often, it is because a new opportunity has come up that just can’t be delayed until the business has the cash on its own. Whatever your reason for looking for outside money, you are certainly not alone in this search.

All that said, you are most likely the only person responsible for finding the extra money that the business needs within your business. Whether your business is new or old, whether it is growing rapidly, or maybe going through a turnaround, finding the money that’s needed is a significant challenge that simply cannot be ignored.

OneKey has worked with business in sectors as diverse as film & television and greenhouse growers, as well as professional services, staffing, mobile applications and others. If you are currently searching for a working capital (cash-flow) solution for your business, contact OneKey to find out how we can help.


    The average SME spends 20% of its time looking after its finances – and of that time, over half of it is spent chasing receivables?