OneKey: Integrity and Creativity

At OneKey, we provide working-capital products that are designed to help small and growing businesses become bigger and more successful. Quite often, customers are referred to us from their financial institutions (e.g. a bank) and/or their trusted advisors (e.g. accountants/lawyers) who simply cannot help the business solve its working-capital needs themselves. Our customers trust us with being there when they need us, and our contacts in the community trust that they can send their customers to us for the help they need.

Whether the working capital (aka cash-flow) issues in a business are tied to its rate of growth, the limitations of its current financial partners or to the nature of the industry it operates in (e.g. staffing), OneKey works to find the working-capital solution that works for you. With more than $11 Million in financing since its launch in 2012, OneKey has delivered the right solutions to its customers since Day One.

Company founder Darryl Duncan brings his 15 years’ experience in the small business sector - not to mention his direct experience as a customer of several banks and three competing finance companies - to every conversation. His ultimate goal in working with each new customer is to eliminate the cash-flow headaches and concerns that the owners of growing businesses face each day (and occasional sleepless night).

Find out how to put us to work for you.

darryl duncan

Darryl Duncan,
President & CEO